The Mucky Militia

I am really into these mucky murky colours lately and khaki shades are certainly up there for me. I have 2 such shades in my box of nail paint tricks:

Eyeko Military Polish

For brave nails (apparently).

It’s not the easiest polish to apply as it is a tad streaky AND it tends to bubble here and there but I do like the colour

Konads work well with this to hide any imperfections. I used Konad plate M57 with China Glaze 2030 to create the animal print effect above.

Topshop Nails Grunge

This is from their Heavy Duty Collection.
It applies almost like a gel. Sound strange? Well its works for me! Applies evenly despite the 1st coat being super sheer. I used 2 coats in these photographs.

I actually really like this shade. It’s khaki with gold and silver micro flecks throughout that really adds depth to the colour.

I used a Bundle Monster plate with China Glaze 2030 to create the leaf stamps above.