Jammy Fingers

I must admit!

I have never declared myself to be the biggest fan of BarryM nail polishes. At best I have found them to be hit and miss. Some colours that I have tried tend to apply in a streaky manner and some colours seem to take an age to dry. All that aside, I spotted this lovely jammy shade and couldn’t resist bagging it.

I am sending BarryM happy congrats on this number. It applies well and lasts a good while without chipping (with the help of a good top coat anyway, I use Nail Inc Kensington).

The shade looks delicious enough to be sandwiched in your Victoria Sponge at tea time, yet, in dim light, it transforms into bloody deep red.
I love this colour. Upon my nails it looks like I have had my fingers in the jam jar. Yummy Yummy homemade raspberry jam! My favourite (along with damson jam).

I find that one thick coat does the trick.

To aid fast drying I use Nails inc Albert Bridge Top Coat which works really well. I bought this in Boots for £7.00 and am happy with it’s performance and quality. Definitely worth the £!