A Glass and a Half of Sweet, Poignant, Hungry Friday

The Sweet:

I found this in a little curiosity shop that I like to hide in. This is my scan of an old postcard designed by the ever popular Mabel Lucie Atwell that was sent to someone in 1947:

The Poignant:
I am not usually one to snoop through another’s mail but it touched me that this was a remnant of a past friendship:

I hope such a token from me to another survives in this way.
Oh! Isn’t is strange to see a King’s head on a stamp?

The Glass & a Half:

I don’t know why I am attracted to nail polish that makes me think of food.

I got these Nails inc & Cadbury’s Bliss collaboration and in the bottle they look scrummy. I am especially happy with the Vanilla Bliss as it is such a different shade for me. Vanilla Bliss had a swirl of gold through it and the Cocoa Bliss a swirl of silver. I will be sure to let you know how I get a long with these.

The Hungry:

I am always thinking about my tummy. I am a glutton I know! I think we will pop here for dinner tonight:

Nothing fancy! Just a quick bite down the road from home.
Btw, this shot was taken with my trusty Yashica…..Good ini?

Have a good weekend whatever you are up to!
To my UK readers; as tempting as it can be try not to blow anything up!