A Glass and a Half Nails

I probably ought to stop buying nail polishes that look like food but the glutton in my just will not let up!

Remember these previously mentioned goodies from Nails inc?

There are 2 shades, Vanilla Bliss being the hideously difficult to use cream shade and the Cocoa Bliss being the yummy looking brown one. I think that this is Nails inc collaboration with Cadbury’s to promote their new Bliss bar:

Not keen on this. Too sweet for me! Seriously!

So now back to the nail polish. It is a delicious shade of decadent chocolate with a swirl of delicate silver that runs through it:

It applies quite well though you definitely will need at least 2 coats to smooth out streaks and get a solid colour:

I thought that this would be a good colour to try going matte with:

Oh yeah! I even pushed the boat and and got my Konad on! I used the M60 Plate.

I think it actually worked quite well! Rimmel’s matte top coat is brilliant and I highly recommend it even though I am not a huge matte nail fan!

Having a matte top coat in your nail collection is a sure way to add a different dimension to your nails.

The gold I used was China Glaze 2030 which works well with Konad stamps.

It’s so cold here today! I have a myriad things to do but I am too scared to leave the house 🙁