Crap Daddy

After much ummming and hmmmmming I have decided to go public with this post. I thought that I might inspire some one, some how in some way so here we go….

My father has always been a ghost in my life. His absenteeism became
more and more frequent after my younger sister was born and then escalated into big fat nothingness.

I don’t care much about him not being around when we needed him. I got used to not seeing him for months and months on end. I even got my head around the fact that it is plain to see that he never knew what the eff to do with me. Me, being the kid that wanted to be just like him, that used to follow him around the place and look up to him like he was god! What does get my blood to boiling point is that he didn’t teach me any Japanese!! What’s with that? Surely that is my birth right?

Anyhoo after much excuse making, life dramas a plenty and marrying a Japanese man I have pulled my socks up and rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in to Japanese lessons. I have my next 3 years mapped out with enough classes to make me see double. I have support coming at me from all angles and I don’t intend to let myself down.

I don’t just want to get by in Japanese! I want to be able to have full command of a varied and articulate vocabulary. I will not stop until it matches my level of spoken English! grrrrrrrrrr

Pencils at the ready!!

I no longer want to be that half Japanese girl that cannot speak her own father tongue.

When I am done with my study books, lessons and practising I will find my dad and talk to him in Japanese and then he cannot hide behind the language barrier.

Now pardon me while I stomp off and sit in the corner with my arms firmly crossed.