The Cloud Factory

Those of you that follow my banter on Twitter will know that I have been really excited about my “Cloud Factory”. I ordered it on Etsy as a treat to me for making it through a hard month and I could have jumped for joy and hugged my postie when it arrived!

The creators of this lovely bit of ceramic fancy declare that we:

“Put down the science books. Clouds are made in factories.

I believe them! I always suspected that my science teacher knew nothing about “reality”.

My cloud factory arrived in a box within a box and shrouded in clouds.

I feel a little spark of delight every time I look at it.

Such detail has gone into this handmade whimsical warehouse. I found this article that shows how each of these creations come to life. Take a look here!

I am tipping my hat and applauding Pearson Maron for bringing this object of sublime joy into my life. Even our Daruma likes it!

I think this would make a brilliant quirky Christmas gift….not that I am thinking of giving mine away NO WAY!

Get yer own!

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Yes! They do ship worldwide and they are rather speedy too.