Chilly Skin Essentials

I hoard sheet masks like a pack rat in winter! My aging skin pleads for extra moisture when the chilly wind bites the apples of my cheeks. So, obligingly I have been using these great offerings from FaceQ (of My Beauty Diary fame).

I have to say that I LOVE MBD masks but having ventured into FaceQ territory, I find that they reach the same bar as the MBDs but are are much thinner and hold to the face much better. I love the nice clean slight scent and the low price tag too.

My favorites are the Ocean & Aloe Collagen with the Grape & Green Tea variety coming in a close second place.

Another mask that I am really enjoying lately is the My Scheming Beauty Eye Masks.

They are moisture laden clear jelly patches that sit under the eye and though they do nothing for wrinkles, they do moisturise and they are so relaxing and soothing to use.

I grabbed these items on Sasa.

What are your favourite additions to your skincare arsenal this winter?