3 Strangers And Meanwhile City

HE blogged about it though I didn’t know about it.
I found his blog and posted a link to it on Twitter.

SHE saw it and had her curiosity piqued by something which she sent back to me.
I was captivated and so ran to get it on Friday evening.

We are 3 strangers and Franklyn, became our common ground for a moment in time.

Franklyn is a film of 2 realities, 4 tragedy stricken characters and one thread that strings together their unlikely beads of life.

I myself was drawn in by the set and costume design (which is spectacular), the twist of period London in all it’s murky hues and the promise of a good yarn.

Franklyn is not a seamless tale. If it were a dancer she would be an an ambitious mover yet a little unsure and thus jerky in her movement. As it stands I really enjoyed loosing myself in it’s creases and would recommend it to some but not all people that I know. I loved the visual contrasts of it and the tale shall haunt me for a fair while.

The storyteller was so used to his fantasies that no matter how good his reality was, it was never enough. Would never be enough.

I wouldn’t listen to my film recommendations. What I like usually suffers from rather poor reviews if you care about such things! to put it politely, my tastes are rather off beat. That said, it doesn’t mean that I will stop trying to get you to watch the motley crew of DVDs that we have on our shelves.