Welcome To My DarkRoom

Come in QUICK and shut the door!

Have you noticed that there is now a Dark Room in the corner of this House of Blues?

Take a look!

I suppose that it can be regarded as a pictorial “contents page” that marks my trifling with film photography. I will also keep it updated with details of my toy and vintage cameras. There is a comment box on the page so feel free to ask any questions.

I am just testing the waters.
Seeing what I see.
And learning as I plod along.

So to mark my efforts I am looking to giveaway this:
(click on the image for larger pictures)

Yes, it is my old FujiFilm Instax mini 7!

It is in perfect working order.

I recently got my creepy fingers on a new shiny beast so rather than sell my old friend,
I thought I would offer it to a creative mind that promises to look after it.

Non UK entrants from far away places: If you do win, I will send this to you BUT if it does happen to incur any taxes (it shouldn’t) YOU will have to pay them!!!


Tell me

Why you would like to have this instant camera? What creative plans do you have for it?

Answers to be left in my comment box.
You MUST be a “resident” and thus following publicly so I can spot you.
Giveaway closes on the 15th October

I suppose you must be just a tad curious about my new Instax?

(click on the image for larger pictures)
Here it is! I will tell you more about it soon and of course I shall have some test pics for you to look at too.