The Man Buys Vinyl

Hiro doesn’t download music. He never bought CDs.

Hiro is all about Vinyl. He always had been and I think he always will be.

Hiro bought his decks when he was 16. They have served him well for they are still going today.

In all he has about 1,200 12inch and a few hundred 7inch records too. Most are old Studio 1 reggae compilations, 80’s and 90’s dancehall and some “back in the day” UKG.

(Photo taken using Polaroid Supercolor)

He says that he likes to PLAY music and not just listen to it. He says that he loves the crackling background sound that old records have.

I love them too. I love going old record shopping with Hiro. Flicking through hundreds of records, pulling one out and remembering that chooooooon! Most of all I love the smell! It’s not that different to old books.

Unlike old books however…Music holds memories in an entirely different way.