London Criers

I am quite the collector of curiosities, oddities, forgotten fings and general junk.

On my recent stumble through an old junk shop I happened across a little stack of old cigarette cards. I paid the handsome sum of 50pence for them and off I went to sit somewhere quite where I could admire them.

The cards are entitled; “The Cries of London”. They date back to 1916 and they depict the sellers and vendors that sold a host of goods and services on London’s streets during the 1800s. They drew attention to themselves by shouting out characteristic songs to advertise their wares. That is quite enough history for today I think.

I scanned in a couple of my faves for you to see:

Anyone fer sum ‘ot peeez?

‘Ows about a mop then?

A fine person of obvious discerning taste like you needs a Singing Glass!

I love it so when I come across such fascinating glimpses of the past.