Hiro Cooks…..

I love it when Hiro cooks. Sadly, he doesn’t to do it much these days as his working schedule is manic to put it lightly. However, he did cook this week and it was delicious.

To me nothing beats the simple delicious taste of grilled fish! I dislike it when people go mad seasoning fish, there is no need. Le poisson du jour was Bream.

I think very highly of our fishmonger. We have been buying and pre-ordering our fish from them for years now and they have yet to fail us. Our fish is always fresh and tasty!

Steve Hatt
88-90 Essex Road
Islington London
N1 8LU

I am rather fond of the salty fresh taste of samphire these days. I think it lends itself well with plain rice.

If you haven’t tried samphire before, you can get it at your local fishmongers (well in UK anyway). I think the Japanese refer to this is “sea asparagus”, rather appropriate really as it tastes very similar only finer and saltier.

Seaweed salad. An assortment of salad leaves,wakame and umibudo (sea grapes).

Pickled cucumber with a spot of chillies.

Miso soup with aubergine, samphire and wakame. I know what my Japanese readers must be thinking! “THAT LOOKS LIKE BREAKFAST”!! It certainly does! But here in the land where good Japanese food don’t come cheap or easy…..this is heaven!