Eye Spy: Makiko Sugawa

I am so happy that it is Friday today!

There have been moments during this week where I thought that it would pass.

I digress…again!

Since it has been sometime since I played Eye Spy.
I wanted to share who to me, is a new and exciting find and rather befitting this blog.

Eye spy……..

Makiko Sugawa

“in private time, we remove not only makeup of the face, but also makeup of the heart. so then, the real desires and instincts of a woman are released…i want to express the precise beauty of eroticism. i want to catch the skin and its essentials, which are not shown usually. we can see the essentials of eroticism by peeping into a defenceless person’s private life.”

I don’t know how you feel, but I like Makiko’s provocative illustrations.
Her line drawings sit on the borderline of girlish and unsettling yet somehow, still playful.

Makiko Sugawa was born in 1974. She graduated from the Kyoto college of art and design.