A Whole Lot of Food : Tokyo Pt 5

Today, I really miss being in Japan.

I miss home life.

Those days when we didn’t do much just relaxed at home or perhaps popped into the supermarket quickly.

Here are some tasty memories.

Supamarket ninja snapper:
Pretty perfect melons all in a row.

Giant carrots that look so juicy!

Delicious white flesh peaches.

If you love mushrooms, like I do, then Japan is a great place for you. The choice is enormous.

I miss the range of shellfish in the supermarkets.
We dont get such variety here.

“our food”:
My mother in law serves me Vichyssoise in a tea cup.
Her soup is top notch.

One day we boiled a hairy crab for starters.

We ate grilled scallops from their shells.

Our hiyayakko was topped with Kumejima ra-yu that has a miso base and a sharp chilli kick.

Myoga in shoyu. So crunchy,refreshing and palate cleansing.

One day we invited a friend over for Yakiniku.
Hiro took over the cooking….as always.

We scoff down sashimi at home too.

On our last day we bought some special beef. There are “3 big beefs ” in Japan or “sandai wagyu”. Kobe beef, is probably the most known outside of Japan. We had some Matsusaka Beef and it was delicious beyond belief.

I L>O>V>E MENTAIKO! Mentaiko (chilli pollock roe) is one of my most favourite things to eat in the universe. I had lashings of it on toast or rice almost everyday.
Sadly it is so expensive here…..£8.00 a pop!!

I gobbled down a whole lot of ice cream in Japan.
Matcha ice cream is deadly delicious.

Hiro’s granny sent a selection box of most delicious o-senbei that you will ever try!
They are made using rice from Niigata.

I urge you if you can get hold of these you MUST try them.


Oh, if you are now in the mood for some Japanese food pics, do have a look at my dear friend’s post here, where you can gaze at oodles of noodles!