The Top Drawer Edition

It’s been a while since I have reported back to you on the pretty things that have caught my eye.

I have to blame Hiro for my insatiable enthusiasm for furniture and lighting. He has been collecting vintage modern classical furniture for some time now and still cannot stop.

His dream is to have a gallery of chairs!

In the meantime, I have been looking at those practical but often boring things we call sideboards. When you are a craft addict like me, having a storage unit with a host of drawers is like a dream come true.

The sparky designers at Boca do Lobo have created this dreamy piece:
“Creative Elegant Mondrian Sideboard”

I am struggling to see the Mondrian-ness, but persnickety aside,
it is a wonderful looking object. I like the seemingly random handles and knobs, the glass top adds a nice touch BUT I think that this would only serve my faddish nature and I would tire of it easily.
Never mind that!
Hiro would not let me bring this home. He thinks it is hideous.

Now THIS really does look more Mondrian!
Homage to Mondrian By Kuramata Shiro

Kuramata Shiro happens to be one of my all time favourite designers. Unfortunately his stuff if hard to find and exceedingly expensive.

Sticking with this designer, here is the one piece of furniture that I would LOVE to own above all others (yes more than an Eames lounger in white leather):
49 Drawers by Kuramata Shiro

Isn’t this the epitome of minimalist elegance? It was designed in 1970 but to me, it is still effortlessly stylish and incredibly practical.

We have to buy some furniture for our bedroom this weekend.
Whatever we end up getting won’t be as fabulous as any of the pieces above. Sadly.