Precious Time

I most enjoy spending time with Hiro’s paternal grandmother.

She is a remarkable woman who has seen plenty and gone through much in her time yet never lost her grace nor dignity.

Hiro & obaaba

Obaaba lives just outside Tokyo.

We meet at a soba-ya near her home for a spot of lunch.

She cannot eat much these days but likes to join in anyway.

I have some cold udon topped with spicy beef.

Hiro has a soba tempura set.

As always, we go back to hers for tea and stories.

Obaaba never tells us the same tale twice.

Her hearing is going but her wits are sharp and her memory clear.

She speaks with a gentle tone but her innate refinement and

eloquence are clues to her past amongst the gentry of a bygone era.

Obaaba is an inspiration to me.

Obaaba gave me something.

I look at it and wonder at what it has seen.

It belonged to her mum.

I shall not tell you who she was,

You would never believe me anyway.

It is now my most cherished possession.