Niigata Memories..

May I share some food memories with you from our Niigata road trip?

Whenever I have a mouthful of rice I remember how perfect the rice in Niigata was. Soft, shiny, pearly grains of rice!

It was grown and harvested from the very fields we stayed amongst.

Our getaway house that I spoke of here, was a truly tranquil space. It also came with the warm and kindhearted service of our very own obachan who came to cook our dinner and breakfast for us.

We had some edamame.
“FRESH” as in just picked from the garden edamame.

Japanese cucumbers are quite different from the ones over ‘ere. They are smaller but crunchier and juicier.
Obachan pickled some for us.

I am really very fond of Japanese pickles. Obachan’s aubergine pickles were lovely.

This was definitely one of the more unusual things that I tried in Japan. It is known as “Zenmai” and is a mountain fern. Obachan told us that this is a treat as she reminisced about when she was a child and used to spend hours foraging for this in the mountains with her mother. Zenmai tastes very earthy. This was served to us with konnyakku which I am not so keen on.

Koshihikari icecream anyone? Yes! It’s icecream made with rice. Delicious! This was Hiro’s most favourite icecream flavour of the trip!

On the way back to Tokyo we stopped off for ramen. I ordered miso ramen and it was humongous!

We even stopped of too think and smell the flowers:

Okay, sunflowers don’t smell BUT they do make a lovely sight,

Even on a rainy day!

Niigata has given me a taste for the Japanese countryside and I most certainly want MORE.