I Live in Hackney…..

…and I lurve it!

A while ago my boss gave me his old Polaroid Supercolor 635CL.
It was still boxed with the instructions.
I am certain that you can imagine my delight!

In my opinion the Supercolor is by far the most stylish Polaroid made. It is rather compact and the handy strap attached to it makes it so much more drag-alongable.

I wanted to share some of my test shots with you.
These were taken within our home or in our surrounding area.

The light

If I could fly…

Ridley Road Love.

Once was a home….

I am drawn to these residual remnants of buildings.
I am moved by the thought that they were once inhabited by people.
Now, all that remains are scraps of wallpaper, paint and the skeletons of where walls once were.

Hackney is changing rapidly.
I wish London didn’t “win” the Olympic bid for 2012.