How High?

Waist High!

We went strolling again this Saturday.
We actually went to market but,
I am saving that post for later this week.

We wandered past a car park that contained some interesting light.
And so, it was time to stop and pose!

The walls are crumbling

But who cares?

I like my high waisted shorts, I consider this quite a find. It is jolly difficult to find high waisted items with the right fit.

Click on images for bigger pics!

The list for the “need to know”:
Orange brogues from Kate Kanzier
Navy tights from Tabio
Floral print ankle socks from Tabio

Teal leather bag from Marc Jacobs
Shorts from Warehouse

White & Blue floral found at the bag of my wardrobe. I have had it about 6 years. I think I bought it in GAP.

Now come closer!
It’s time for some zooooom-in deets.
Look at this:
Isn’t this necklace wonderful?
A porcelain key. It went really well with my shirt.
If like me, you think it’s nothing short of “WOW!”
Then keep your noses firmly in my blog,
as I will be giving one away very soon.