Hairy Chronicles

I was surprised to receive so many questions about my scruffy hair styles. I really thought that most people like having their hair loose and freeeeeeeee.

I am always getting into scrapes of some crafty/cookery type so keeping my hair out of my face has become quite a habit.

So for the curious, here is what I normally reach for when I am trying to twiddle with my coiff!

My hair is insufferably frizzy and so after washing I use a good serum to keep my locks manageable and shiny.

If you don’t know, frizzy hair + humidity = tangled hell!

I started using these serums in Japan and they did wonders for my frizzy hair in unforgiving humidity. The rose one is gently fragranced and the Honey one is fragrance free.

If you fancy trying these, SaSa sell them both!

I always prep my hair with a mousse wax before trying to twirl. It makes it easier to work the hair and it adds just enough hold to keep it in place till you set it. My HG is Shiseido’s Ma Cherie.
You can find this on ebay. A little goes a long way so it lasts and lasts. Come to think about it, I am still using the same can I bought last year!

My HG hairspray is Kao’s Cape firm hold.
It’s like a tinned miracle.
Firstly it’s as near to fragrance free that you will ever find.
Secondly it holds come gusty wind, horrendous humidity or torrential rain. Trust me! I have put this to the test good an’ propa!
Then, there is no horrid white residue and it brushes out nice and easy. You can find this on ebay too.