Gifts From Afar

I am a naughty blogger! I never find the time to post pictures of the thoughtful and generous gifts that are sent to me from fellow bloggers.
henceforth promise to make amends for my shoddiness.

From Hawaii

Receiving a parcel from Hawaii is like a box of pure sunshine! Thank you Wuzzyangel. I have gobbled up all the macadamias and seeing that I have never tried NYX before, I can’t wait to try this awesome rusty pink shade.

From USA
I won Mayaari’s lovely TeaSub giveaway and the dear lady sent me heaps more than I deserve!
The smoked bacon chocolate was super yummy.
The book blew me away as I was looking at the very same book and pondering whether I ought to purchase it for my Alice book collection. I cannot believe that I own it now…I LOVE IT.
As if her thoughtfulness was not enough, she sent me a cable release for my Diana Mini…aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. It’s now my new favest toy!

From Canada
This gift came from my fellow born in Africa fruitloop pirate known to others as MACNuNu.
I am so glad that Twitter brought us together. It’s nice to able to talk about SA food and have someone know what I am banging on about.
I think I am in love with these tea bags and the mascara is sooooooooooooo brilliant.

From London
My dear Imo sent me MORE lovely things.
The fabric came all the way from Nigeria.
Don’t you just love the socks? I DO!! They keep my toes toasty.

Blogging has widened my horizons in many ways but the best bit about it is that it has allowed me to get to know some wonderful people.