Friday’s Foppery

What am I thinking?

I am thinking that I love my shiny loafers.

I bought these from Kate Kanzier on Leather Lane about a month ago.
They are really comfortable.

I like Cordelia.

This notion of “honesty to a fault” really strikes a chord with me.
I commit a book crime when reading plays, I confess that I annotate my copy so I can keep up with Shakespeare’s lingo.

I think that Urban Decay Palettes can be so
cumbersome, so I depotted mine.
Oh yes I did!
I destroyed my Ammo, BOS II and NAKED palettes to put all the colours that I like in one place. In a nice sleek completely customisable Yaby Palette.
Midnight Cowboy ended up in the bin!

I think that a nice cuppa makes fings better.

This must be the cutest tea bag in the world!
Thank you MacNunu my pretty little pirate.

Have a great weekend & make sure that you pop back next week and I am planning a giveaway or few.