>>Fast Forward Reviews>> Edition III

It’s Monday ALREADY!
I don’t know where the weekend’s go…zoooooooooom and they’ve gone!
I think I owe my beauty product residents a few reviews, so let’s kick off the week that way.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

(Click on image for massive pics)
Hasn’t there been a heap of hype about this?!

Everyone I know seems to LOVE this including me so I will leave you with a handy Vid from m’ Lady Pink:

RMK Herb Mist in Sicilian Lemon

I bought this in a sale in Tokyo where it was remarkably cheaper than London. I have dry skin and so having a mist handy in my bag is essential esp in UK winters when the central heating and blasting winds cause all sorts of problems for my skin. I also love using these in hot climes when it’s nice to refresh your face with a spritz of moisture. The latter reason is why I ended up choosing the Lemon scented version which is fresh and light. This stuff is good but the price is too much when you consider that there are a heap of cheap and equally good mists floating around Japanese drug stores. However, on the plus side this RMK offering is a handy size for dragging it around with me rather than the colossal gallons some brands have.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara

(Click on image for massive pics)
I am a stubborn YSL Faux Cils Mascara fan. However, in the interest of saving some pennies I have been searching for a decent high street alternative to see me through my everyday. MACnunu sent me this to try as it is not available here in Blighty. I am so glad that she did as it is brilliant stuff. It goes on clump free. It lengthens and volumises and is perfect for my day to day.

Softymo Air Whip Foam Cleanser

I like using foam cleansers in the morning. They are gentle and I have this idea that it’s like cleaning my mug with clouds. But this formula from Softymo takes the mickey!! Yes it produces a nice soft and dense foam. Yes it smells nice BUT its so “gentle” that it feels like nothing happened. Then there is packaging….As you can see, if you suffer from clumsy moments in the early hours, you can end up up foam creek without a paddle! Thankfully, there was very little left in the can. I will not be getting this again.

Zoya 3 in 1 Formula Nail Remover

This was a gift from a friend recently back from USA. I like it because it smells much much better than normal nail polish remover. Apparently, this is a more “natural”, and milder formula so it is kinder to your fingers. The 3 in 1 bit is basically, polish remover, nail cleaner and nail prep – I am not convinced. The best bit about this is the pump bottle. It releases just enough to do one hand! This stuff is ridiculouly pricey here in UK thus I will not be purchasing it again. I will defo keep the bottle and refill with another cheaper brand though.

Read more about the product here

I plan to make this a momumentous week at the House.
I hope all my “Residents” (sound much better than “followers” don’t you think?)
will keep a firm eye on this page!