>>Fast Forward Reviews>> The ADDICTION Edition

Another week, and another edition of my rampant run through my face paint box!

ADDICTION Eyeshadows
“Rigoletto” & “Shangri-La”

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ADDICTION products are produced by the mighty Japanese brand that is Kose.
Ayako herself is of NARS fame and has in my opinion developed a stunning line of eye shadows.

While in Tokyo I managed to grab the 2 single shadows above. On the right we have the operatic neutral “Rigoletto” and on the left is the gorgeously rusty infusion of peachy pinky red copper that is “shangri-la”, both have a metallic finish.

I have an awful habit of over blending my shadows so I fear that this EOTD does poor justice to the wonderful colours. Addiction shadows are boldly pigmented and easily blendable. The shadows have an interesting texture that feels almost moist yet it is very definitely a powder. I will without a doubt buy a few more in the future, I have my eye on “Crow” and “Twig”.

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I also bought a lip gloss in “Azalea” which in reality is a punchy pinky peachy towards fuchsia shade with very fine gold flecks. I know it sounds highly improbably but ADDICTION knows how to play with shades to produce interesting colours.

The lip glosss can be worn sheer or layered to make a vibrant statement. The gloss is fragrance free and not too sticky and If I had the chance I would love to try more from this brand.


4 Fundamental Nail Products.
These are my staple nail products.

Top right – Nails Inc “Kensington” caviar base coat.
Nourishing, protective and strengthening base. Brilliant for those who paint their nails a lot.

Top left – Parado glossy gel top coat.
I bought this in a 7/11 in Japan. It really does work!
Super glossy gel look nails. Just be careful to allow your colour polish to dry completely before application otherwise it may wrinkle beneath this top coat.

Bottom right- Nails Inc “Kensington” top coat.
This is my undisputed favourite easy to find top coat.
Dries hard and fast and leaves a wet look super shiny finish. The only problem is, it doesn’t work well with Konads.

Bottom left- Konad top coat.
Contrary to what many others say, I think that the Konad top coat is the only way to seal in Konad stamp work successfully. It have never smudged my stampings and it seals the colour and art work in nicely with a shiny and durable finish.


NYC Blushable Creme Stick

This has to be one of my every day reach-out-and-grab creme blushes.
I received this as a gift from the stunning Tammy and I have to say a MASSIVE thank you as from what I can see, this is not available here in the UK yet. It is smooth to apply, very blendable, wearable and fresh looking.

This blush has a ton of raves on MUA, read them here.


Love & Toast Handcream

I am a person that likes to get stuck in!
I am ever involved in handicrafts and I am more than just slightly OCD about washing my hands.

Thus, a bloody good hand cream is just what I need and this is NOT it!
It smells awight, sort of sweet citron tea on my nose but it just doesn’t deliver on the moisture front. Perhaps it’ my fault and not the cream’s?

The other thing about this cream is that is the price hike here in UK. I got this in SpaceNK on a whim for £14.00 yet I see it on the Love & Toast website for $9.00…yah! I feel dumb!

I hope that this Fast Forward edition has been useful to all you beauty product crazies. If you do have any questions, please drop it into my comment box and I shall get back to you by updating this post with a small Q&A here.