Dead Birds, Saints & Colour

Come along dear readers…… Follow me!

“To market, to market to buy a fat pig; Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.”

Borough Market is our destination,
and I promise you a pictorial treat.

This way!

Borough Market is one of the largest and most culinary diverse markets in the world. It has stood in it’s spot near London Bridge since 1851, and though I like it plenty. I do think it is overrated when it comes to fish and veg produce (just my opinion). Qualms aside, it is a fascinating place to while away Sunday’s hours. Everyone is so camera friendly, so it’s a good spot to snap happy.

However, if game and poultry gets your taste buds going then this is certainly worth a visit.

Hiro doesn’t like game birds so that is not something on our menu.

If you are crazy about beer and ale, then there is a bounty to be had.

I myself always make a bee line for gorgeously packaged seasonings.

There are countless stalls selling all sorts of ready to scoff munchables. Anything from paella to oysters, venison burgers or even ostrich bangers.

This is the season when some delicious English apples make an appearance. I do love a good Cox.

Peppers are brilliant models…….pose baby…POSE!

After much milling around, we did make a few purchases. But you know me! My purchases were influenced by the bloomin’ packaging!
What We Bought:

It’s all in the name.

Saintly smoked paprika. One for me and one for my seasoning swapper!

Habas Fritos.
Fried seasoned broad beans.
A salty Spanish snack that goes well wiv a beer!

A tin of bonito in glorious technicolour packaging.

Quails eggs. I do wish these were more readily available. They go so well with my ramen.

What about you?
Do you shop in food markets?