Clip Frame Cinderella

I can definitely feel a chill in the air! And so that time approaches when I hibernate and make “fings” in the cosy warmth of our little home.

I tried my hand at making a practical sized clip frame fing.
One that can fit in some makeup or whatever you care to stuff it with.

I know that this is far from perfect,
but I do have 2 more frames to pursue perfection with.

I will be offering these snappy purses up for grabs once I deem them to be ready so let me know if you are interested.

Old Cinders does ‘er bit with Prince Charmin’

Starry lined

Stuffed wiv Stuff!

I am particularly happy with my 1st attempt because I squiggled this pattern myself on grease proof paper. Speaking of which, I have a new project to busy my idle hands with:

I feel an immense urge to try to make macarons!

Wish me luck. I get the impression I will sorely need it.