KABOOOOOOOOOOOM!! Quick Fire Giveaways!

If you know anything at all about me then you ought to know that I love me readers!

However, since I did not get to celebrate my nuptials with you I intend to make up for it by setting off some fireworks right here for all to enjoy.

Now I am not some crazy pyromaniac! So these pretty explosions will come to you in the form of random fings that I collected on my journeys through Japan and some from right here in London being offered up for grabs.

Don’t get your frilly knickers in a twist!

I will not be doing my usual long winded ever so demanding questions that you are all ever so good at trying your hands at.


This time I will ask a series of quick fire questions or make a small request that will require very little effort on your side.

They may be silly, serious or out rightly bizarre but they will be random.

You will only be given 24 hours to respond and you can only enter if you are a follower (if yer name aint down then you aint comin’ in awight?!)

So dear readers, consider yourselves INFORMED!

Watch this space, watch your Twitter, stick a post-it not upon your foreheads do what you will to keep up.