Ironing is The Most Tedious of All Tasks

Now and again, I receive some searching questions from my more inquisitive readers. Readers, who have chanced upon my little blog and feel the need to ask why I blog in such a personal way.

This post is my way of addressing these queries.

I blog because I am a person that perpetually seeks inspiration.
I hope to inspire others in a small way during my search. So I suppose, that Worship at the House of Blues is actually an irregular variety of brain storming.

I like to dress up. I like to paint my face.
I am not a particularly confident person when it comes to my appearance but I want to be because I think everyone should be comfortable within their own skin.

I want to be my own supermodel.
I don’t mean that in a vain way.
I mean that I want to be a better version of me…..

I lack ambition in life. I don’t strive to make piles of money.
I don’t want to see my name in lights.
Designer clothes will never make me happy.

I come from humble beginnings and I will never forget how far I have come.

This idea of “beauty” interests me because I see that my idea of it is so different from others.

I don’t think that I understand fashion trends.
I am more interested in the way that individuals choose to express themselves.

I find characters inspiring.
Both historical and fictional characters inspire my way of dressing.

A pipe from Holmes, a bowler hat from Poirot,
cream tights from Alice…..ideas come at me from everywhere.

Freedom of thought is a gift that I feel we ought to take greater advantage of.
I spend an enormous time day dreaming both in my head and out loud.

I rarely take myself seriously.

I love small details. Little almost unnoticeable details.

I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of things I have yet to learn……