Happy Stamper

I like to keep busy.

I am of a temperamental and distracted disposition and so
keeping my mind engaged is generally a good thing!

Recently I bought some blank cards in Paperchase.
They were only three squid (£3)for a pack of 10 with the inserts and so I nabbed ’em with the intention of “doing sumfing wiv ’em”.

This is what I did:
I made some freshly stamped cardlets for when I send fings out to my readers.

I used some of the decorative masking tape that I bought in Tokyo
to adorn the insert pages.
Great way to utilise my crafty goods.

I also found these adorable little mini punches in Tokyo.
I bought quite a few but the key one is so cute!

These cards cannot get to you without a stamp:
I found this “Wonderland” stamper and in fact all my lovely stampers on Gmarket.
It was definitely worth a purchase.

I like little details.
It’s these little sparks of attention to detail
that can really “make” something.

For those ladies who have asked me if I am making “fings” again soon the answer is YES!

Watch your post boxes.