>>Fast Forward>> : Edition 1

Somehow, I am still considered by many to be a “beauty blogger” despite being crap at reviews!

In a bid to reconcile my beauty curious readers for the lack of such posts latley, I am proposing a new feature at Worship at the House of Blues.

Welcome to >>Fast Forward>>.

Short, sharp and honest thoughts on the beauty related stuff I cannot help hoarding.

Shiseido AG+ Wipes COOOOL!

I bought these because the granny on the front looks ever so friendly. These were a god send in the relentless sticky humidity of Tokyo. As taking a shower every hour is not do-able, these wipes are so handy for a quick clean up. I am a fan of the COOL version for not only do they banish the “I feel minging” feeling but they also give a blast of refreshing menthol minty zingy-ness that lasts and lasts. The product has added silver ions hence the AG+, this is supposedly great for anti bacterial action.

I bought a pack of these back for my colleague who is barmy enough to cycle to and from work every day and she loves them. As in fact does my bro in law who finds them useful to use in between shifts at the restaurant.


Liese Hair Refresher in Aquatic Citrus

There is nothing quite like the feeling of clean smelling hair. I picked these up out of sheer curiosity (one for me and one for T). I was instructed to spray the stuff on me hair near the scalp and rub in see here.

What happens next caught be by surprise! A crackling popping sound came from the area where I sprayed and I felt a lovely cooling sensation when I rubbed the stuff in. Refreshing indeed and my hair never smelled like a sweaty hyena’s rump again.


Premium Crystal Hair Instant Penetration Treatment

This is a rose fragranced deep treatment masky type thingy that includes natural camellia (tsubaki) oil. I had high hopes for this stuff! Sadly it doesn’t do much for my steel wool hair. I imagine that it would work better for people with less course hair.

See here for more info on the brand.


Parado Nail Colour

I must thank Yumeko for putting me on the trail of this brand. You can grab Parado at any 7/11 konbini and if you see it, you really should! As far as I can gather, there are only 2 shades in this line up (though they have many other nail colours in their other lines), both are nude, and they are made specifically to suit different skin tones. I opted for BE04, a nude beige shade for “slightly warm yellowish skin”, funny descriptions! I actually chose this because I liked it more than the other colour.

It is a lovely goldy, nudey, peachy mix of pearly magnificence.


Product Q&A

The questions and answers below are taken from reader comments.

Q: I’m curious about the hair refresher, is it equivalent to dry shampoo?

A:I guess that it is simply a hair fragance rather than a shampoo as one doesn’t need to brush any residue out.

Q: I want to try the nail polish…does it stay true to it’s color once you paint it on your nails?

It does! It really does!

Q: Did it help with greasiness, also?

Not that I noticed, my hair isn’t really prone to greasiness.


A pair of winners I promised you and a pair of winners you shall have!

The winner of SET 1 is: ROSANNA!!

The winner of SET 2 is: MINT!!

Please get your addresses to me quick smart questions@worshipblues.com

Thank you for reading my drivel.