Eat This! : Okinawa Pt 2

Back for some more of my travel tales?
Well I fear this one is more to do with food!

Okinawa’s cuisine is very different from that on the Japanese
mainland. For a start they are really, really into pigs!
Pork – pork – pork everywhere!
Okinawan’s are amongst the longest living people on earth.
I wonder if all this pork has anything to do with it? DOUBT IT! I reckon it must be the sea air!

I am not a big pork lover myself but as they say…

“When in Rome…..”

Thus you can guess what was on the dinner menu:Rafti” or slow stewed pork belly.
Hiro loves this.
As for me – I try to pick all the fat off, which, I suppose is against point!

Guess what this is:When you go to any restaurant in Okinawa they give you a small “welcoming dish” with your first drink. On this day it was “mimiga“. Sliced pork ears or to me -gristle plain and simple I don’t think I will try this again!

The highlight of the meal for me was umibudo.Literally “sea grapes” and referred to in Okinawa as green caviar. I really like the texture and fresh taste. It is great with some ponzu. This stuff only grows in clean sea water, or so I am told.

The next day hailed our return to Tokyo but before catching our flight, we took the chance to do a little shopping and mooching around.

Anyone for some ice cream?
Would you still want some if I told you this is SALT ice cream?
Now when I say “salt” I mean “yukishio” which is powder fine sea salt high in mineral content from the island of Miyakojima.

It tasted very dairyish, creamy and smooth and salty.
Almost like butter. I LURVE butter so it was yummy.

Next we stumbled across the sight to behold that is Makishi MarketKnown to many as the “kitchen of Okinawa” this place is a hive of buzzing activity. Little old but loud ladies shouting about their shell fish. Butchers eager to show you their piggy bits. Fish mongers flaying fish of all kinds.
Gawping fish mouthed visitors.

Now you must think me an utter food snob but I am of the opinion that fish from colder waters taste supremely better than fish from warmer seas. However, warm water prawns smack their frigid maties well out of my frying pan.

Makishi market does something unique!

You can pick and buy your fish in the market and then send it upstairs to be cooked as per your fancy:I picked prawns!! You shouldn’t be surprised now really!
The two largest ones on the left dish in fact.
On my plate:We had one grilled with salt and t’other grilled with butter. Both were sumptuously scrumptious. I wish I could have these again. You can sort of measure their size against my beer glass in the background.

Also on the menu:
If ever you visit Okinawa – I urge you to visit this place!

It is a bit of a freak show but you know that that is my cuppa chai:
The work of a proud slightly mental butcher!

Now let’s turn our attention to a little something else:

It happens to be my birthday today.
Quite frankly, I HATE THIS DAY!
Alas, I shall not dwell on it!

Let this be the day when I start my QUICK FIRE GIVEAWAY MADNESS!

Up for the taking today is:
A Visee “Blossom Eyes” Shadow Palette in lovely shades of pink and plum. & A super fine tipped black eyeliner from Makemania

The question is:

“What do you think is the best thing to do with a tomato?”

All answers must be flung into my comment box!
You must be a follower and I shall let you know who has won tomorrow evening at some point (UK time)!

The next Quick Fire round will be sometime in the random but just around the corner future.

As we are bidding ta ta to Okinawa in this post and heading for some Tokyo madness…….lets have a toast!