Cosmic Times with the Odakyu Boys : Tokyo Pt1

I have learned the meaning of real friendship from observing Hiro and his mates over the past 6 years. They are a real beacon of what friendship ought to be.

Although Hiro left Japan when he was but a tender age, his friends have never lost touch with him and that is remarkable as their friendship started when they were all knee high to grasshopper. What they share today is a friendship spanning over 20 years.

I myself feel favoured to be able to call them my friends too now. Yes Hiro consider some of yer mates officially Jacked!

No visit to Tokyo is complete without them.

I think it’s funny how seeing this place in Shimokita made them fink of me!
(I took this photo for my Somalian Pirate – wooooo hooo!)

In general we prefer shopping in the back streets. There are some brilliant men’s boutiques in Shibuya look out for Neighborhood and Ice cream & Billionaire Boys Club

The smoking ban hasn’t found itself in Japan yet.
People here smoke far too much.

If I cannot see you – You cannot see me?

The thing with shopping is that it really does work up an appetite.
We went to a great gyoza place in Shibuya, I think it is called Gyoza Yatai, where among the things we gobbled down were:
We ordered a veritable selection of yaki-gyoza;
Veg, garlic, shiso & cheese, prawn and pork.

Sansho aubergine and potatoes:
Have you ever tried sansho? It does weird things to your tongue and taste buds….like trippy shit!

sunset over Shibuya:
A wonderful sight.

The next day we had some time to pop into Shinjuku for some general junk shopping a la Worship Blues:
Tokyu Hands is a must visit place for me. Being a self confessed craft junky this is heaven and such a convenient place to find a heap of bits and bobs that I need all in one place.

Naturally, I just had to stop and stare at the cute stuff:
Essential for the kawaii arsonist!

While there Hiro stocked up on sensible stuff and I turned into a kid and bought…….


Aren’t these transfers sooooo me?
Well soooo Worship Blues!

I also found these cutesy fairy tale inspired letter sets.

I just won’t grow up!

Room for more grub?

We headed for a Tori-Testu in Shimokita and got our teeth into some skewered delightfulness!

The food here, especially the wings really tasty and reasonable.

The chili version:

The black miso version:

Shisho Tsukune I love this stuff!
juicy cooked to perfection yumminess.

Delicious all sorts:
Which included: Chicken livers, Quail eggs and Ginnan

We stuffed ourselves ….. AGAIN!

As we were in Tokyo during firework season, I welcomed the chance to see some Japanese fireworks (according to Hiro these are REAL fireworks).

Those that have tried will know how difficult it is to take photos of fireworks. Bravo Hiro for taking these!

Resembles a cosmic nebula type thing don’t you think?
Wonderful colours.

Wheels of light.
I had such a brilliant time and was so touched that Hiro’s friends went to such efforts to celebrate our wedding with us.