Shit Catchers & Other Miscellaneous Matters

Dear fabulous readers!

This will be the last post before I vamoosh my way to Japan, so I thought that I should make it worth your while by slapping you (gently) with heaps of pictures, junk and bla di bla!

Shit Catchers in Dalston on Sunday

Why you stood over there on your jack jones?

I love Dalston – It’s alive with colour!

Me and the wonderful van of a million colours
(it’s not actually called that)

Tell your boyfriend hold you jar….

and dance wiv me!

I am really loving these cotton drop crotch (shit catcher ahaha) trousers!
I bought them in Spitalfields. They are made by a Company called Liquorish.

Pinned my hair up in a heap of ringlets.

I have me some new sunnies!

I am a bit of a Ray Bans Wayfarer collector.
Hiro bought me this is my newest edition.

Hold up!

Let’s go back outside!

Lurking in the market!

I am bored of me now!!

Saturday was filled from morning to night with shopping!

Most of this was for our family and friends in Japan.

I do like wandering in and out of the aisles in Fortnum and Mason.
Jam anyone?

Fortnum and Mason have the most loveliest displays.

Extortionate but ever so fancy sugar cubes:

Onwards to Liberty.
By far the most beautiful department store out there in my opinion:

Here I bought a little dress for a beautiful little one I know:

Then I got selfish!


Hiro bought me these gold ones from Office, a bargain at £35.00

And when Hiro wasn’t looking I grabbed me some treats!

American Apparel Nail Laquer in Mouse
Topshop Cream Blush in Neon Rose x 2

I love my new wayfarers!!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Anything new to tell me?