Cherry Picking

I am counting down the days!
4 sleeps, and I am off.

But Dear Readers, I couldn’t leave you without some brilliant company in my absence. Here is a handful of some of my most favourite bloggers. I find them inspiring.

Visit Imo who I have taken to refering to as my little spud! We both love pies! She is the boss of It’s a London Thing, a little blog bursting with personality. Here you will find a little bit of everything including a look at her pretty face!

Imo is such a cutey!!
(Yesh you are – gwan wiv your cute self ahahahaha)

Then there is Vint Junky. Marvel at how she oozes unique style. I love her hair and the way that she throws together her outfits to come up with some fabby dabby combos.
Vint Junky’s blog has the most appealing photos! I want to go shopping with you Vinty! I want to seek out curious vintage contraptions and wear them all at the same time.

If it is a calm and soothing corner that you are seeking to sit in, then Fashion, Art and Other Fancies is the place for you.
There is something immediately pacifying about this blog. I adore it! I see cakes. I rediscover a level of sophistication that is sorely missing from today’s life. This is a place of contemplation, appreciation and style.

I heartily reccommend taking a walk with my dear Dvora!
Take a stroll with her as she introduces us to new stylish everyday people.
Dvora has an eye for a good shot and a knack for capturing people in the most elegant manner which she couples with a snippet of information about the person.

These are wonderful ladies and thoroughly good blogging company.
Do drop in on them and when you do, whisper that I sent you!

Finally, I would like to send you down the FONK road:
Finally we are from Tokyo, Paris, London, New York and we take photos to document our interests, moods, travels and nuances.

Here you will find photos from Hiro, myself and a host of our friends all jumbled together in confused delight.


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