Worship in a Secret Garden

London has many secret gardens tucked away in the most unexpected places.

This Saturday Hiro and I took a walk along Eastcheap and found this little gem.

St Dunstan in The East Church Gardens

These gardens sit beautifully inside the brutalised carcass of a medieval church. The original building was severely damaged during the Great Fire of London. She was patched up complete with a steeple designed by Christopher Wren.

During WW2 St Dunstan was attacked again. This time by enemy bombs.
After the war the decision was made not to reconstruct the church but instead to grow a garden out of the debris.

I personally think that the garden is beautiful.

Who says the city has no soul?

Shady sunshine.

Beautifully ruined

It really is outstanding how with lots of care and attention, and sympathetic planting that something so broken can be fixed in this way.

I have really taken to wearing maxi dresses.
They make one feel ever so feminine.

Light and shadow play games.

The house with no windows.

I thoroughly enjoyed our little walk.
St Dunstan is so peaceful at the weekend. There is a lingering presence in the air and I have little doubt that it is the fruit of it’s long history.

I imagine that it is a different place during the week,
with the hoardes of City workers swarming in for their lunch breaks.

I found a jolly city worker on my way home!

Dress from Oasis

It’s been a while since I have stuck my face right up in your screens!
I hope that you have enjoyed this latest ramble around London with me.

To all that entered my contest!
Your tales are marvellously imaginative.

I will announce the Winner on Friday.