Walking Diagonalley

It was with great zeal that I meandered through the street of the City on Sunday. Apart from a few stragglers and a handful of worshipers all was silent in the suffused sunshine.

The City is an entirely different place during the week. It is itching with the hustle and bustle of rather important looking people rushing off to very important sounding meetings. Bankers, traders and all manner of corporate professionals coming at you from every corner and crevice.

On the weekends, the City workers disperse and leave behind a sedate yet pulsating treasure trove of History for the curious and willful to explore. I think I may be part of a rare breed of City worker that ventures back into the Square Mile after working hours. Without the maddening crowds I feel like the City is mine to explore!

Glass structures.

My mission was to find myself in Leadenhall Market.
You will know this place for you have been there (in a way) even if you don’t realise it!
This place has featured in “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” and even “Tomb Raider”.

Leadenhall Market today

Although Leadenhall Market as it stands dates back to the late 1800s, it has lent it’s foothold to many a purpose including, a Roman basilica way back in 40AD.

Leadenhall Market a long time ago.

History aside, I really like this place.
I enjoy marveling at it’s opulence and stomping around it’s cobbled streets.

This is London. A veritable mish mash of old and new standing proud yet side by side.

Leadenhall besides the Lloyds Building that I also like to stare at in bug-eyed idiot fashion.

I am really liking my newest crop top. I seem to be gathering a nice little collection of these garments.


A real delight of “petals” of silk and glass beads:

I do hope that I am not boring you all with my harping on about London.
I just wanted to present my city through my eyes as I am increasingly aware that the London I love is not the London everyone sees.

Post dedicated to Justine & Yumeko.
I hope I can show you around sometime.