Meet My Monster

Good day to you dear readers!

Today I would like to show you my latest acquisition to my growing camera family.
Meet my Polaroid Image 2 (known as a Spectra in some places)

This is a monster of an instant camera. A proper tank!
Thankfully it has a long strap attached to it so I can carry it on my shoulder.

This Polaroid takes 1200 film which is larger than your regular 600 type.
The film is not as expensive to get hold of and so at the moment it is a better deal.

Here are the 1st few shots that I took with my new friend.
Hope you like them

Petticoat Lane”

Leadenhall Market”

“Tree Tops and Cloud Streaks”

“Someone Else’s Garage”

The film used in the above shots expired in 2007 but I like the extra wishy washy effect.