Let’s Unlock the Attic – Reader Giveaway.

Thank you to all my wonderful frequent visitors to my humble little blog. I appreciate your lovely comments and emails massively and so please know that these little giveaways that I put together are just for YOU!

I am never going to be the type of blogger to beg for more “followers” neither shall I ever ask you to promote my blog in anyway just to obtain entry into any of my giveaway. My giveaways are my way of giving back to you who take the time to sit in my grounds and enjoy the varied goings on.

Anyway I think that I have the time for one more lil giveaway before I leave for Japan in a month so here we go:

I found this assortment of indulgences sitting in my trove. I thought it would make a nice little treat for the winner.


Nude BonBon Lip Gloss “Coral Beige” #1 See Lotus Palace’s Post for swatches

Pink BonBon Lip Gloss “Dream Rose” #4 See Lotus Palace’s Post for swatches

Nail polish:

Nude BonBon Nail Colour “Iced Mocha” #3

Pink BonBon Nail Colour “Sparkling Berries” #3

Face wash:

Laneige Strawbery Yoghurt Peeling Gel.

Canmak Tokyo Light Shimmer Base:

To add to the mix I have also found this brilliant Canmake Tokyo slightly shimmering base that is a fave of mine when I am off on a beach-bum holiday.

“Corrects irregularities in skin tone and gives you added radiance, for a well-defined, lustrous complexion! SPF20/PA++. Mineral oil-free, non-chemical UV filters.”

Vitacreme B12 Samples.

A little hand made by me purse made with Japanese Fabric

How to enter:

Last time the circus came to the Worship at the House of Blues. Before that, we made penance in the Chapel and confessed our sins. This time we shall lurk in the lofty, dusty heights of my garret!

The House of Blues is a labyrinth of rooms, corridors and stairwells that play off each other in marvellous mischievous mayhem. The sounds of laughter drift through the air. Chambers abandoned long ago, rooms filled with decadent grandeur, paintings that tell of ancient fables and maps that lay testament to forgotten lands.

Walk with me through up the stairs to the very heights of this house. Let me unlock the wooden hatch to the attic. Let us walk in together……….

Tell me dear reader …..

What is behind the little door? What do we see?


Leave a comment below or send me an email with your response.

As normal with my contests it can be a tale, poem, picture….anything.

Be aware that it will be published on my blog when I announce the winner.

Contest closes at bedtime on the 22nd June

Winner will be announced a couple of days after

Any questions? Email me Questions @ Worshipblues.com