Konad Crazy

“Practice makes perfect” is what my mum used to drill into my head.

So that is precisely what I have been doing.

Misa “On the Edge” with Konad plate:M5

Misa “Heavenly White” and Konad plate S09 with red nail art.

I am loving Misa Nail polishes.
Interesting colours, amazing staying power and decent drying time.

Misa “On the Edge” is a wonderful creamy deep blue.
Misa “Heavenly White” is an intense white.

When it comes to natural shades I reach for Elizabeth Bon Bon!
Bon Bon in shade #2 and Konad plate:M77

Elizabeth Bon Bon shade#2 and Konad Plate:M57

I do like a shock of animal print now and again.
GOSH’s gold is delightful . I used Konad Plate:M57

Trailer Trash is the name of this Hard Candy polish.
I have had this for about 5 years and it is still a breeze to apply.
Konad Plate:M73

I think I have myself an addiction.

I know….