“Kagwa hunted the lion”……

Imagine me jumping up and down wide eyed and mad looking at the arrival of my new necklace.

You know that I rarely buy jewellery but this is an exceptional exception.

Isn’t he handsome? I am calling him………….


Kagwa hunted the lion,
Through bush and forest went his spear.
One day he found the skull of a man
And said to it, “how did you come here?”
and the skull answered, “talking brought me here.’

Kagwa hurried home, Went to the king’s chair and spoke,
“In the forest I found a talking skull”
The king went silent, then he said slowly,
“Never since I was born of my mother
have I seen or heard of a skull which spoke.

The king called out his guards,
“Two of you now go with him
and find this talking skull;
but if his tale is a lie
and the skull speaks no word,
this Kagwa himself must die”

They rode into the forest;
For days and nights they found nothing.
At last they saw the skull; Kagwa
Said to it “How did you come here?”
The skull said nothing. Kagwa implored,
But the skull said nothing.

The guards said, “Kneel down”
They killed him with sword and spear.
Then the skull opened its mouth,
“Huntsman, how did you come here?”
and the dead man answered,
‘Talking brought me here”

From the poem “The Huntsman” a poem by Edward Lowbury

About Lisa Galibardy

A few years ago when 1st I paid visit to the Sunday Up Market in Brick Lane I came across Lisa’s stall and I don’t mind telling you that I was stunned. I stood there mouth agape, feet stuck fast to the ground staring at her wonderful creations.

I have a fing for skulls and so I finally caved in on the growing temptation and ordered “Kagwa” (actually called the miniature skull in silver) from her website.
I am impressed with the quality and weight of the pendants (for there are 2, the crown and skull are seperate) and have been staring at it for the past few minutes in admiration.

I am now giving this the eye:

I have a feeling that some of my readers will like this:

Lisa Galibary you rock my treasure box!!

Anyway do look her up here! She ships internationally too.

Well all that is left to do is to wish you all a fab weekend.
I shall be watching a lot of footie and trying to make some vetkoek.

Next week will see another lil giveaway right here.