Kabuki Saturday

Last week was a bit of a toughy so I was thrilled to have a chilled Saturday.

I started the day lounging in my local park.

I then painted my nails and got ready to go out in the early evening.

GOSH “gold” and Konad S9 plate

We had dinner in Akari. In my opinion this is London’s best take on a Japanese Izakaya.
I really like the way that Akari doesn’t try too hard with the whole “Japanese thing” and left the interior of the once pub building as it is.

We ate a lot and as per normal, I forgot to take pictures of everything! I did remember to take a few at the start.

Tofu tosa-age. This was DELICIOUS!

Kaiso salad (seaweed salad) always one of my faves.

We then went off to the theatre to see:
Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura
(Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees)

I have been look forward to this all week:

I had the good fortune to see Ebizo XI last time he brought his kabuki production to London in 2006. When I heard that he is back, there was no time to think…..I booked my tickets in a heartbeat.

The venue: Sadler’s Wells.

Sadler’s Wells near Islington is a thoroughly modern glass structure that is a theatre dedicated to dance productions. It is worth noting that the spot where is stands has long been occupied by theatres names Sadler’s Wells since 1683.

The show was spectacular.

Fantastic makeup and custume. Incredibly beautiful set design.

Ebizo’s (who is HOT for a bozu lol) performance was impeccable. He moves so gracefully and with such lightness.
He 11th holder of the Ebizo name and the current heir to the Ichikawa Clan of kabuki actors and represents the Naritayayago” (guild) which was founded in 1660.

The Naritaya yago specialises in Aragoto style which is my favourite to watch as it is so dramatic and masculine.

I feel much better qualified to call myself a Kabuki and more to the point Ebizo XI fan.

The visual stylized representations of the kabuki actor has long been a favourite source of imagery for me.

I have decorated my net book with one:

As well as my MP3 player.

One day I hope to own an Ukiyo-e too.