“I Vomit Ice Cubes”

Judging a book by it’s cover….

It’s something that most claim not to do. I on the other hand don’t see how doing so is a problem.

Let’s take my latest read for instance…

The cover pulled in my gaze:

Beneath the slip case was another version of the lovely illustration:

Then my attention was fully captured when I opened the book and fell upon this:

“Light Boxes”


Shane Jones

A tale handed to it’s readers in fragments of varying typefaces. Rich, darkly beautiful and economical with words. I enjoyed dipping my nose into this story, I am glad that I own this little gem. However, I would have enjoyed it even more so had there not been a page referring to other writers (cheap shot Mr Jones!).

I hear that Spike Jonze has nabbed it’s copyrights – I am sure that this will make a wonderfully absorbing cinematic experience.

I wrote this post on a whim with a large measure of curiosity. I wonder if anyone else out there is as enchanted with a book’s cover as with its insides?