I am a Soap n’ Water Type o’ Missus

My friend visited our shabby little home not so long ago. She made a big to-do about the fact that I use SOAP to wash my body with.

The next time I saw her she handed me this:

Milk, Soy and Sugar Shower Foam.

Soothing frothy body wash conditions the skin with a blend of milk proteins, soy and sugarcane extract. Formulated for pure and gentle cleansing it contains moisturising glycerine, amino acids from apples, nourishing wheat proteins, soothing Vitamin B5 and moisturizing glycerin.

Bless her cotton wash cloths!

I have used it for a week and I shall continue to use it until I hit the bottom but would I repurchase? NOPE!

The smell is fine – sort of like vanilla cupcakes.

The foam is frothy and light.

It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

And it contains nil in the way of parabens and mineral oil.

So what’s wrong with it?


I love me a bar of soap. I like the way it CLEANS and the way that I feel CLEAN when I get out of the shower. The problem with these moisturising wash fingies is that they leave a residue and that irks me no end.

So there you have it. The problem with this Crabtree and Evelyn shower foam is ME. If you like a gentle bubbly body wash that leaves a faint cupcake smell on your body then this is the one for you.

As for me, I am opening another bar of standard soap. I like my soap simple – no fancy shmancy stuff from that walk in stink bomb of place AKA Lush (Achoooooo)! This time I think I shall go with:

Lux, Cucumber & Mint. I stack up on Lux in South Africa each time I go.

For me the keyword is always FRESH!