Skullduggery of a Persistent Twirler

Each time I put my hair up, I find myself twirling sections and pinning them down.
It seems that I have myself a new habit to add to my arm length list.

I opted for a messier, more gritty approach to my hair doodle.

Hiro bought me a new vest…I am aching for summer!

All Saints

Mirror, mirror stuck on my wall,
Watch as upon my face I scrawl.

Dear curious readers,

I am starting to receive a decent amount of questions in my inbox.
I would like to fill a post with a chunk of Questions and Answers not only about skincare
or makeup tips but anything that you feel fit to ask me.

In light of this, feel free to drop me a Q for an A at:

Questions @ worshipblues . com

My favourite questions will receive a special gift made by me which I shall reveal later this week.