Skincare in the Sunlight

A few weeks ago I suffered the misfortune of running out of my favourite moisturiser which Givenchy seems to be phasing out.
In a panic I rushed out and bought the 1st thing that I came across:
Clinique Even Better Moisturiser
I broke out in clusters of little white heads and was none too happy.


I tried again.

This time I opted for Caudalie’s Day Perfecting Cream:

I have never tried any Caudalie products before and am more than just pleased
with how this purchase turned out.
It goes on smoothly with a pleasant, light fragrance.
Has not irritated by skin in the slightest and contains SPF15.
No parabens and no mineral oil.
This product is supposed to have brightening and luminising properties.
I have yet to see any marked improvements on these points but Hiro seems to think that
my skin is looking more radiant of late. Could just be the sunlight?

I bought this at SpaceNK.
I will definitely be trying out more from the Caudalie Vinoperfect range in the future

I know what some of you are thinking.
You are quite right so so I have started to use this:

I bought this from Adam Beauty around the same time as I spied Lotus Palace’s review.
I am loving this stuff with all kinds of happy feelings when I slap it on.
Not only is it a massive SPF50, but it also contains collagen.
It goes on light with the perfect amount of moisture and sheer coverage. It is basically a uber brilliant tinted sun lotion but can double up as a base if you need more coverage.
For me this is perfect for days dilly dallying in London and I am certainly packing some of this with me when I next head for the beach.
One more thing: It’s ridonkulously CHEAP $11.50.

I am currently using this for me legs and arms:

I grabbed it in Hong Kong and it was really cheap, although I cannot remember the exact cost.
If you like your body lotions on the super light side then this is for you.
I find that I need to slap on a little extra moisturiser on my appendages before using this because it is so incredibly light that I need to think, “DID I REALLY USE SUN LOTION?”.
Because it is a gel it sinks in quicker than you can say ESS PEE EFF. An added bonus is it’s fragrance free formulation.

I have to admit, that I will not be buying it again, I think I shall try something from Biore, or Mentholatum or Fasio…..