“Get Yer Nails Did” : A Giveaway

It’s Friday.
It’s the start of a long weekend for me.
I am in a good mood so let’s have us a lil giveaway shall we?

What is in my bag of tricks:

One lucky winner shall get a Konad Nail Stamping Starter Kit:

The kit includes, a stamper, scraper, 3 special stamping polishes and 2 image plates to get you started.

The winner shall also get an additional image plate and a Muji blush.

Mystery Extras:
If you know a bit about me then you will know that I always have a surprise up my cardi sleeve.
The winner shall receive the mini bag stuffed with some super duper extra bits and bobs.

What is Konad?

Well it is a fab take on nail art. Read more about it here!
Watch a demo here!

Now be warned some people cannot get the hang of it and I admit it does take a few goes to get the knack of it. Once you do get into a rhythm the possibilities are boundless.

Here are a few of my recent attempts as you can see, I am still learning!

Essie “Flawless” and image plate M60

Rimmel “Grey Matter” and Image plate M66

Gosh “Gold” and image plate M57

Take a gander at the Konading of this blogger she has it down to a fine art!
Polish & Powder

How to enter:


You must be a follower, that way I know who I am listening to.

Imagine that a circus has come to town and stretched itself across the grounds of my House of Blues.
Smell the toffee apples. Marvel at the Victorian carousels. Hear the ringmaster calling.
Imagine that YOU are part of the circus.
Tell me what role you play and why.

Leave your answer in my comment box

How Will I Pick My Winner?

Well I always look for an imaginative response so I will pick the comment that delights me most.
If there is no stand out above the rest comment then I shall resort to random selection
Please don’t let me take that route.

Winner shall be announced on Friday June 4th 2010.