Food! Glorious Food!

Good food is like music for my soul.

I surrender to the truth; I am a glutton!

Here are a few tasty bites that have got my palate doing all sorts of gleeful dances.

Deceptively simple looking Nasu Dengaku, actually really tricky to get the perfect texture:

Japanese grilled aubergine with miso and sesame.

Grilled Saba:

Charcoal grilled mackrel.

NikuDango Nabe. Hiro makes his NikuDango with a serious ginger kick!

Japanese hot pot with pork meatballs.

Tamagoyaki Hiro Style. Perfect layers, fluffy and moist.

Egg roll with Japanese 7 flavour Chilli Pepper

It is sooooo good to have a man that can cook.