Eye Spy Hydra

Hydra is part of the Humble TV creative studio.

I am really impressed by their short animation that takes it’s back drop from the still life paintings of the old Dutch Masters.

Eye Spy Homunculous:

“Homunculus is a dark and twisted fable of spontaneous generation and untrammeled id. Taking its title from the Latin word for “Little Human”, the piece is an associative mashup between the two concepts behind the word: The first being middle-age alchemical beliefs that “little men” could be spontaneous generated from dead or decaying matter. The second being Carl Jung’s usage as a personification of pure id.”

To create the film, Hydra used a staged real-life cornucopia that included a pheasant, fish, a variety of fruit and cheese, all placed in a plexi-glass box and shot for 11 days until they reached rotting stage.