Tales From The Red Telephone Box

Have you seen my dear Fashionistable’s blog yet? Well rush over there in a moment for she has an eye for style and is well worth watching for a daily dose of “ooooh la la”.

Last week Fashionistable posted a shot that included a red London Phone Box and though I loved the photo, I admitted that I was a smidgen dismayed because I had the very same idea (great minds). Anyway, I did make a promise to post my Phone Box pix and here there are with you in mind my Dear Fashionistable

I love the City of London on the weekends. It’s oh so quiet.

To my overseas readers: please do not confuse the City of London with the West End, for that is always buzzing with a zillion people! What we Londoners refer to as the “City” is actually the financial district of London and but a small part of our metropolis. Those who like their history lessons should note that the City is the historic epicentre from which the rest of today’s London branched out from.

I am so glad that in a world of mobile communication that we still have these around for emergencies as well as picture opportunities.

Yep, like I said….dead as a dodo!

My shirt dress was bought for £3.00 in Oxfam. My Ouma would have been proud of me.

So no harm in jumping off the walls of the Bank of London!

I take my fujifilm instax everywhere these days.

I say take your blogging outside into the sunshine………go on! Who cares if people stop and stare! It’s only because they want to join in too.


Old Cow.