Eye Spy: Lolo Veleko

Soon the football loving world’s eyes will shift focus and land on South Africa.

I LOVE footie.

It is a relentless passion in my life but I also live in in hope that the “beautiful game” will bring a new light to how the rest of the world perceive Africa.

Yes every country in Africa has it’s problems. Big problems!

But for me it is also continent of magic, vibrancy and soul like no other place on earth.

Note that I said CONTINENT?

(Fed up with people talking about it like it is one country. We are one massive land mass YES but we are different nations too man!)

Anyhoo I seek not to rant but to bring a little Rainbow Nation fashion vibrancy onto this here blog!

Eye Spy: Lolo Veleko

Made in Cape Town and residing now in Johannesburg; her full name is Nontsikelelo Veleko .

She is also one of my favourite street fashion photographers.

This week I was jumping up and down like a crazy when I saw that the BBC had scheduled a documentary that would feature this awesome lady if you have time, watch it here.

My adoration for her and her work grew ever more when I saw that she uses a Mamiya!!

Lolo Veleko; Worship Blues salutes you!

I love it the most when Lolo captures brightly dressed people!

Nontsikelelo Veleko was born squint. The doctors wanted to replace her eye but her grandmother, a traditional healer, resisted, saying that it was a challenge from the ancestors and that she must learn to master it. Her sister too had been born with a bad leg that the doctors wanted to cut off. The sister went on to become the fastest runner in her school. Veleko became the 2008 Standard Bank Young Artist for Visual Art.

From the Design Idaba Website